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Happy Friday to all of my dog friends!! I am so excited for the weekend…looking forward to some pawsome time with my dad! I heard him say he was going to take me for a hike…oh, I love to hike!! 🙂

Today has been a fun day in the office. I have been researching a dog breed that is rare and beautiful. Have you met a Canaan? Wow, these dogs are so beautiful…the kinda remind me of myself…woofie, woofie…B.O.L! I found out they are the official dog of Isreal. I bet I would have fun playing in the snow and hiking with these dogs!! They like to do a lot of the same things that I like to do. 🙂

Maybe I can wag my tail extra and have my dad adopt a Canaan for me to have as a brother or a sister…I wouldn’t mind either. 🙂 I can have a buddy to share the dogPACER dog treadmill spotlight with…

I had fun meeting new dog friends and teaching them how to run on the dogPACER dog treadmill. I never get tired of helping dogs and their parents learn all about the dogPACER. I know I am a very lucky dog to have my very own dogPACER dog treadmill. It doesn’t hurt that my dad owns the company…B.O.L.!!! ❤

Dad took me on a car ride to the warehouse today and the dogPACER’s are almost gone…I started to sniff around and get worried…then Yaniv (dad’s business partner) told me that it was a good thing they were almost gone…that means more dogs have their own dogPACER and that we are going to need to build more for other dogs to enjoy! Woof, Woof, wag your tail with me…

I wonder if I can get my own IPO one day…just like Beast…his dad, Mark Zuckerberg has is own IPO…something my dad and everyone in the office and on the TV seem to be very excited about…all I know is that I love when they bring Beast into the office and post pictures of him…he is so handsome.

It is only 3pm and I have already exercised on my dog treadmill, played outside with a dog friend and now I am in the office and blogging…I am also on Facebook and tweeting my friends and fans…oh, I am just a very happy pup! I love all of the fans I am getting. 🙂

I know that we have to choose the June “dog of the month” for the dogPACER newsletter soon…guess I better start going through the emails and photos that were sent in. Do you want to be featured in our newsletter or in my blog? Tell your parents they can send in a picture of you and a fun story and you could be featured…or you can send it in yourself.

Send your photo and a little story about yourself to

Check out the fun photos, videos and our past newsletters on our website,

I wanted to share a fun photo from today. This is Scruffy with Yaniv on the dogPACER. Scruffy is a natural on the dogPACER!!

My dad keeps talking about Facebook going public. I can’t stop looking at his dog, Beast…he is unique and has so many Facebook fans. His dad takes him to the office too…I love going to the office with my dad!!

Dad said something about an IPO…I guess that means Important Pup Officer…B.O.L! Woof, woof…I’m a silly pup sometimes!

Facebook has changed my life and helped dogPACER in so many ways. Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg! Dad explains how smart he is and how he changed social networking for everyone. All I know is that I love using Facebook! Woofy, woofy!

Here I am with my dad…he gives me love and hugs…and takes silly photos with me. ;-)

I want to give Beast a dogPACER dog treadmill…I know he will love it as much as I do! :-) I know he lives in Palo Alto…I have dog friends that had the dogPACER that live in San Francisco. I hope to visit them soon and then maybe I can go to Facebook. I read how great it is to work there…sound like as much fun as it is to work at dogPACER. :-)

There are so many dogs that are enjoying their dogPACER’s. I keep meeting more and more dogs that have great parents that bought them a dogPACER. We really are changing dogs lives with our dog treadmill. I love all of the fun photos, videos and emails I am receiving from happy dogs and their parents.

And I have to share another photo of me with these exotic cars…varooommmm….

Ok…I want to go wag my tail and wait for dad to give me a belly rub…

I am an extra happy dog today! Not only are we delivering more dogPACER dog treadmills to new dog friends all week…I found out that my blog is going to be featured on the Dog Tipper website on April 14th!! I am so proud!!

April just keeps getting better!!

I am trying to find the best local dog for the Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, April 21st.  I guess you can say I am having a dog casting call. I would be there, but I am going to be in Orange County for the world’s largest pet expo! I am going to be showing off my skills on the dogPACER while dad & Yaniv, the “other dog whisperer” are showing dogs and their parents how amazing the dogPACER is for them!

You should have your parents bring you! Friday is Fido Friendly day!! Here is the link to all that you need!

You know I have my personal email account that you can send me questions. If you have any questions for me about the dogPACER…or to know how to join the dogPACER pack, you can email me at!

Time to go socialize with some dogs at the local park. I will be barking and running all over the park today. You don’t think that I just run on the treadmill all day…do you? No way! But I do run on it daily to make sure that I am staying healthy and calm.

How are all of my new dog friends doing? If you read my last blog, you will know that it was a busy weekend for everyone at dogPACER. Woof…it turned out to be one of the best weekend, EVER! Woof, Woof, Woof!!

BTW…how do you like my new photo in black & white.? Yaniv took the photo with his iPhone and uploaded it on our Instagram account. Are you or your parents on Instagram? It is so fun! Follow us @dogpacer for tons of fun photos of me and dog friends.

Ok…BIG NEW…are you panting with anticipation??? BOL, BOL! 🙂

I met Uggie, the dog actor and star of The Artist! He is a Golden Globe winner!! Woof, woof, wooooof… Uggie was walking, running and doing tricks on the dogPACER! I was impressed. I admit, I was a little jealous at first, I want to be a Hollywood dog too..but he is just so nice and cute…wagging my tail like crazy! 😉

Here’s a great photo of Uggie on the dogPACER at the O.C. Pet Expo.

Uggie, The Actor Dog on the dogPACER
Uggie, The Actor Dog on the dogPACER

 Uggie and his family are the new owners of their very own dogPACER dog treadmill! Didn’t I tell you that people were taking notice and loving the dogPACER?? Dogs and their parents LOVE our amazing dog treadmill.

My new friend, Prada, another dogPACER dog owner and lover was at the Las Vegas Pet-A-Palooza over the weekend. She woofed to me that she loved being in the spotlight and had so much fun meeting new dog friends and showing her skills on the dogPACER.

Here is a fun photo from Pet-A-Palooza to enjoy! I’m going to take a ride to UPS to ship out all of the dogPACER dog treadmills that were sold over the weekend! Woof, woof, woof!!!

I’m taking a break from emailing all of my new dog friends to blog about some of the exciting things going on in the dogPACER office!! 🙂

I received emails and Facebook posts from Fur Fitness Foundation and America‘s Forgotten Heroes with photos and videos of the dogs on the dogPACER. I met them at the America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County. The dogs love exercising on the dogPACER! OBVIOUSLY…BOL, BOL! 😉

I wag my tail double time when I see the videos and hear the great stories of how the dogPACER is changing the lives of dogs and their parents. Dogs are using the treadmill for rehabilitation after surgery and to help them loose weight and get in-shape! Go to Facebook and check out the fun videos and photos of dogs and the dogPACER.    Fur Fitness  America’s Forgotten Heroes

Don’t forget to get your parents to friend dogPACER on our Facebook page!! 🙂

Yesterday I added a new dog friend to the dogPACER pack! Meet Mac!! His mother, Renee went to Pet-A-Palooza and bought him a dogPACER. She also bought the special Las Vegas in-home assembly and training package. Yaniv went to his house and put his dogPACER together and helped his mom get him up and running on the dogPACER!! She was so excited that she was texting photos of him that evening…woof, woof, woof…

Mac was running for 15 minutes by that night…Renee said he loves it and she loves how calm he is at home now. She said he had so much energy and the dogPACER was the perfect thing to help him stay calm when she was trying to relax. I’ll be sharing more videos and photos of Mac as I receive them!! Time to go play fetch for a bit…I’ll bark at you again soon….