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I am having so much fun on Social Media. What is your favorite Social Media site or your favorites? I’m a social “butterfly” DOG! 🙂 Thanks for participating!! Bella

Hollywood, here I come…I am one happy dog today!.

  Thing are buzzing again today at the  dogPACER™ office. I have already had my 45 minute run on the dog treadmill. I really needed that so I would remain calm and happy…also, when I was done, some exciting news came in! We are going to be part of the 3rd Annual Fluff Ball in Beverly Hills. WOOF! WOOF!! I am so […]

I had one of the best weekends! Saturday, I went with my dad and Yaniv to a grand-opening of a Petco and met a lot of new dog friends that were able to try out the dogPACER dog treadmill. On Sunday, I got to play in the snow!! Check my pictures out of me playing […]

Woohoo! I am wagging my tail like crazy today! We have more new dog friends that will be delivered their very own dogPACER dog treadmill soon! They are going to love their treadmills!! Don’t get me wrong, my dad still takes me to the park to be socialized, but sometimes I am just a bundle […]

Wow, my dad is really feeling this time-change. Do you like the extra hour of daylight we get now? I know I do!! 🙂 The bad thing is that the early morning hours are dark and sometimes I don’t want to be walked in the dark and chilly morning. Luckily, I have my own dogPACER […]

The weather is getting warmer and everyone wants to be outside playing. But did you know that not only do many of our loving parents suffer from allergies, but we dogs can have them too? I’ve received a lot of questions in my email about this. Well, that is one thing I never have to […]