Allergies and your parents or dogs…


The weather is getting warmer and everyone wants to be outside playing. But did you know that not only do many of our loving parents suffer from allergies, but we dogs can have them too? I’ve received a lot of questions in my email about this. Well, that is one thing I never have to worry about. However, I have some doggie friends that have allergies and have told me that they can’t always go out on beautiful days to the park or run in the backyard (if they have one) because of their allergies. And a couple of my doggie friends mom suffers from allergies and can’t take them out to play at the park or be outside too long at certain times of the years.
I told them all about the dogPACER Treadmill and how this would help both them and their parents! They can run inside on their own dogPACER Treadmill and not feel bored and get the proper exercise they need to keep them fit and relaxed. You know, some dogs area just running around the house like crazy dogs and others just lay around and sleep all day. This isn’t good for them either, I stay active and fit from my daily runs on my dogPACER Treadmill and I never have to worry about missing a day of exercise and my dad doesn’t every feel guilty that I am sleeping too much or bored and possibly making a mess of the house when he is gone. WHICH I WOULD NEVER DO! 🙂 I am a well trained dog, but many of my friends are not so lucky.
Don’t forget to send me your questions directly to and I will answer you back. I may also blog about your questions and I am going to start featuring a special dog friend in my upcoming blogs…so be sure to join me on our Community site on our website at and you could be featured in one of my blogs! Remember to upload some photos of yourself! I just love meeting all kinds of new dogs!

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