Happy Times at dogPacer Treadmill Today


Woohoo! I am wagging my tail like crazy today! We have more new dog friends that will be delivered their very own dogPACER dog treadmill soon! They are going to love their treadmills!! Don’t get me wrong, my dad still takes me to the park to be socialized, but sometimes I am just a bundle of energy all day and running on my dogPACER treadmill helps keep me relaxed and happy when dad is stuck in the office.

I had my dad check the weather report for Las Vegas this weekend…rain. Yuk! Luckily, I know that I can run on my treadmill indoors and do not have to get my beautiful coat wet!

My dad, David and his business partner, Yaniv are running around the office like crazy. Maybe they need to run on their human treadmills today. Woof, woof…. 🙂 I know they are just excited that we have some great things happening and so many events going on in April. I am going to be going with them to these fun events! Want my pawtograph (Yes, I made up another new word)? I will make sure to blog and post the dates, times and locations that we will be at with the dogPACER Treadmill and you can meet me.

We also have machines in some retailers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Want to become an official dogPACER Treadmill Dealer? Go here for more information!  http://www.dogpacer.com/dealer


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