The dogPACER dog treadmill and Bella, our official dog spokesmodel is featured on NBC My News 3!


Did you know there are thousands of dogs blogging daily? I was rolling over and wagging my tail like crazy when I hear this. I am so excited to join the dog blog community!

I’ve had such great feedback on my blogs from dogs and their parents. I also joined a great pet blogging community…you have to check them out.

I’m especially excited today! Last night I was on My News 3 with Jim Snyder for a special two-part news segment about the dogPACER!!! Woof, woof, wag, wag… B.O.L! :=)

Tonight is the second part…I already had my dad set the DVR and Yaniv is taping it too. This is your chance to see us on TV!! If you are not in Vegas and can’t watch it live, you can go to this link and watch the videos. I am so proud!

David, is my dad…I think he did great! And you have heard me bark about Yaniv or as I like to woof at him “The Other Dog Whisperer” B.O.L! 😉

Tonight, Jim will be featuring his dog, Norman with the dogPACER. I was able to meet Norman and I have to say, he is one smart dog. I whimpered when Jim told us the story of how Norman was on the list to be put down and Jim saved him!! *Wagging and rolling over with excitement!* I am so happy Norman was saved…he is one handsome dog. Woof!

Here’s a great photo of Jim and Norman on the day they came to the dogPACER office to do the story on our amazing dog treadmill!! Have a fun weekend with your parents and be sure to check out our news segment. Seriously…the best dog treadmill in the world! Woofie!!!!

Put your paw on our website link and beg your parents for your own dogPACER dog treadmill! 

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