The dogPACER dog treadmill has been featured on NBC! Thanks again to My News 3 for the amazing 2-part news segment!

Bella with Jim Snyder

Bella with Jim Snyder

Have you watch the two-part SPECIAL news segment about the dogPACER dog treadmill? I’m a STAR! 😉

Ok, so I’m no Uggie…but I am getting national recognition thanks to a special news segment that Jim Snyder did on the dogPACER that I was featured in! The first part aired on Thursday, May 3rd and the second part aired on Friday, May 4th.

Here is the link to part 1:

Link to part 2:

I also have to say that Norman, Jim’s dog was so handsome and did a great job on camera and on the dogPACER. He’s one dog I wouldn’t mind barking with a few times…BOL!

 I received a great email today from a dog friend in Houston!! I was barking to everyone I knew about this sweet dog that had just been rescued. He is a 3 year old Cha-Wiener…half Chihuahua and half Wiener dog. 😉

Buster lives with his new mom, Megan and his new sister, Pixie (a yorkie) and his two brothers, Jack (a Schnauzzer) and Charlie (a mutt terrier that was also rescued). He told me so many fun stories about his new life with his family. I really started scratching and rolling over when he told me how hot is gets in Houston and about all of the bugs and snakes that are in his neighborhood…scary!!

I wanted to the advice I gave him to give his mom about how he and his brothers and sister can get the exercise they need. He is so worried that with his mom working so much and the bad weather, he might get fat…well, not with the dogPACER. (Have you seen how in shape I am?)

I told him how he could exercise on the treadmill each day before his mom goes to work or when she returns home so that he is sure to get the exercise he needs to keep him healthy and from becoming obese, like many other dogs he meets. His mom loves to take him and his brothers and sister to the park, when it isn’t too hot, raining or swampy (ick). But he realizes that just isn’t enough exercise.

After he had his mom go on to read all about the dogPACER dog treadmill and how it can help the entire family, he barked and got on his hind legs and begged his mom for a treadmill of his own. Like I have barked before, this is great for busy parents, dogs that live in bad weather areas and for all year exercising, just like your parents go to a gym or buy equipment for their home, now you can have your own in-home gym to stay healthy and happy.

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