Meet Mac…the latest dogPACER dog treadmill owner and lover…I also had a great time at the Phoenix Pet Expo!!


I’m taking a break from emailing all of my new dog friends to blog about some of the exciting things going on in the dogPACER office!! 🙂

I received emails and Facebook posts from Fur Fitness Foundation and America‘s Forgotten Heroes with photos and videos of the dogs on the dogPACER. I met them at the America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County. The dogs love exercising on the dogPACER! OBVIOUSLY…BOL, BOL! 😉

I wag my tail double time when I see the videos and hear the great stories of how the dogPACER is changing the lives of dogs and their parents. Dogs are using the treadmill for rehabilitation after surgery and to help them loose weight and get in-shape! Go to Facebook and check out the fun videos and photos of dogs and the dogPACER.    Fur Fitness  America’s Forgotten Heroes

Don’t forget to get your parents to friend dogPACER on our Facebook page!! 🙂

Yesterday I added a new dog friend to the dogPACER pack! Meet Mac!! His mother, Renee went to Pet-A-Palooza and bought him a dogPACER. She also bought the special Las Vegas in-home assembly and training package. Yaniv went to his house and put his dogPACER together and helped his mom get him up and running on the dogPACER!! She was so excited that she was texting photos of him that evening…woof, woof, woof…

Mac was running for 15 minutes by that night…Renee said he loves it and she loves how calm he is at home now. She said he had so much energy and the dogPACER was the perfect thing to help him stay calm when she was trying to relax. I’ll be sharing more videos and photos of Mac as I receive them!! Time to go play fetch for a bit…I’ll bark at you again soon….


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