Facebook, IPO’s, Doggie Love and so much more…Bella is one happy dog that loves blogging and Beast Zuckerberg…


My dad keeps talking about Facebook going public. I can’t stop looking at his dog, Beast…he is unique and has so many Facebook fans. His dad takes him to the office too…I love going to the office with my dad!!

Dad said something about an IPO…I guess that means Important Pup Officer…B.O.L! Woof, woof…I’m a silly pup sometimes!

Facebook has changed my life and helped dogPACER in so many ways. Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg! Dad explains how smart he is and how he changed social networking for everyone. All I know is that I love using Facebook! Woofy, woofy!

Here I am with my dad…he gives me love and hugs…and takes silly photos with me. ;-)

I want to give Beast a dogPACER dog treadmill…I know he will love it as much as I do! :-) I know he lives in Palo Alto…I have dog friends that had the dogPACER that live in San Francisco. I hope to visit them soon and then maybe I can go to Facebook. I read how great it is to work there…sound like as much fun as it is to work at dogPACER. :-)

There are so many dogs that are enjoying their dogPACER’s. I keep meeting more and more dogs that have great parents that bought them a dogPACER. We really are changing dogs lives with our dog treadmill. I love all of the fun photos, videos and emails I am receiving from happy dogs and their parents.

And I have to share another photo of me with these exotic cars…varooommmm….

Ok…I want to go wag my tail and wait for dad to give me a belly rub…

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